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Version 5.4 Service Pack 2
Function Detail
Expand Icons (Plus/Minus)
bioWriter Table of Contents
New Excel Export Options
  • Ability to Save slicers with the named selection (rather than list position)
Secured Themes
  • Administrative ability for themes to be secured by roles
New Admin Content Interface
  • Improved Interface for content management in the admin console
Version 5.4
Function Detail
bioXL Data Discovery
bioPoint Dashboarding
  • Improved Assets placement keyboard support (movement and deletion).
  • New Slicer Ordering options
  • Added ability to suppress empty query warnings
bioWriter Publications
  • New Scheduler new slice type (text slice) will allow to choose elements from a huge set of elements.
  • Added an option to change all scheduled publication passwords at once (per user)

Grid Component
  • Added ability to add Row Headers to grids
  • Boosted accounting grid performance
Chart Component
  • Added chart axis positioning in Bubble/scatter charts
  • New category option in chart data labels for Bubbles/ Scatter charts
  • Improved layout of segment charts
Content Management
  • Added paste special functionality instead of clone - to simplify the copy/paste and replication of content
  • Added import paxl files direct to folder option
  • New Basic UI design to match updated tablet interfaces
  • Improved performance for loading of content
  • Improved Interface for the data source changer
Data Modeling
  • New data source support for MySQL
  • New heuristic slider on the relationship stage to automagically determine data relationships when building models
  • New ability to manage roles
  • New Custom Measure window and interface
  • Added support for Calculated Columns (over and above calculated measures)
  • Added Measure Groups Support for grouping common measures
Querying Engine
  • Improved counter mechanics (and removed counting for tabular based queries)
  • Added Ability to toggle query size calculations
  • New Post-query limiter – to prevent client from being overloaded with over-sized queries
  • Improved performance and stability (noticeable on larger print jobs in particular)
  • Added the option to Wrap Chart Legends
  • Added the option to Enlarge PDF Borders
HTML5 and Mobile Client
  • New fresh design, with increased content real estate and better element access
  • New Full screen mode added for phones
  • New, full analytic context menu features for consumer+ licensees: Drill to Level, Expand Down, Collapse, Member Selection, Quick Sort, Quick Filter, and Pivot.
  • Support for bubble and scatter charts axis repositioning options
  • Support for Conditional display
  • Support for custom data with HTML5 in federated form authentication
  • Support for global cascading slicers
  • Support for Maps and Geospatial analytics
  • Support for multi axis charts – data labels “Category” value added.
  • Support for multi select drop down slicers
  • Support for multi select slicers
  • Support for Row Headings in Grid
  • Support for segment chart types: Pyramid, Section Funnel and Streamline Funnel.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 platform support (requires v5.3 and greater)
Version 5.3
Function Detail
User Options Users can now reset User Options in the Admin Console
Mash-Pit updates

There is added support for Oracle XMLTYPE() as well as new data sources: EMC GreenPlum,and Amazon Redshift (Cloud). Users can also use a multi-column relationship capability in modeling.

HTML5 / Mobility Users can now save Pyramid credentials in their mobile device using a new setting in the Admin console. Webpage and template assets are also now supported on phones. A timer has been included for BioPOINT presentations.
bioXL Column headers can now be set to “Shrink to data” – they will size according to the size of the data column.
bioPOINT New timer option to cycle between slides instead of just refreshing 1 slide only and added support for inputs targets to slices and global slices.
Infrastructure Improved support for Domain account and constrained delegation (improves security of installation) as well as improved support for UPNs - User Principal Names (more options for deployment).
Content management Improved multi-tenancy support.
Management API Extended CMS abilities, with asset roles management and data sources management.
Auto-Sync Auto provisioning tool for Auto-Syncing users to an Active Directory.
Installer Release of 32-bit installer with support for Windows 2003.
Version 5.2
Function Detail
Data Model Scheduler Users can now set their data models to reprocess and update based on a user-driven schedule.
New Mash-Pit data sources The Mash-Pit data mash-up Wizard can now read data directly from Hadoop Hive, Windows Azure Hive, IBM DB2 and PostgreSQL data sources.
Mash-Pit updates Users can change the direction of a relationship in the wizard and the dialog box will only display the data sources in use.
Excel Publications Users can now choose to publish their bioWRITER Publications in Excel Worksheets.
Table Layout Border Properties Users can now modify tables cells as a whole or as individuals by editing their line style, color and height.
Mobile Security Improvements Administrators can now authorize specific devices to access (or block) the mobile client.
Localization The Polish language is now available.
Geographical Information System (GIS) New mapping engine that supports multi-lingual addresses and mapping displays (Cyrillic characters included) was added.
List Builder Limit This has been increased to 25,000 elements.
Grid upgrade The row section on the grid is now scrollable.
Performance Improvements in rendering of large, complex grids in the multi-grid style
Version 5.1
Function Detail
Random Element Selector The "list importer" - now called the "list builder" - allows users to build calculated sets or members using a random selection of elements from a given hierarchy.
New Mash-Pit data sources Users can now import content into the "Mash-Pit" from Oracle Relational Databases, Windows SQL Azure and delimited text files.
Ability to add hierarchies and base measures on-the-fly Users with administrative rights to tabular data models can now DIRECTLY add user hierarchies and base measures to the data model from inside bioXL.
Missing Data Wizard Skip Users now have the ability to skip issues in the missing data wizard.
Update to the standard Filter function Users can now define an unlimited number of nested filters in the application from the standard filter dialog boxes in the query ribbon.
API access to query results Developers can now access the results of queries in either flat delimited text or XML using the Web services API. The function also allows users to input slicer and parameter values.
8 New Languages 8 new languages were added: Russian; Arabic; Spanish; Chinese; Japanese; German; Dutch; Portuguese.
Variable support in HTML5 Variables are now supported in HTML5
Cascading slicers in HTML5 Cascading slicers are now supported in HTML5
Load performance in HTML5 Performance improvements in HTML5 loading
Version 5.0
Function Detail
bioWRITER Publication and Alerts

A whole new application for BI Office Suite that facilitates the user to produce sophisticated, publication-quality reports and alert notifications based on the analytics of the user. The documentation or information can then be automatically “pushed” out to recipients.

This application has the capability for: 

  • Dynamic Text: users can set point-and-click values on queries to be rendered at runtime
  • Sections and Conditional Display: users can set conditions for sections (that you delineate) on how or if to be rendered at runtime
  • Slice Manager: users can interconnect dynamic text and alert status calculations to be rendered at runtime
Updated Design

The latest square design pattern and “flat” look prevalent in applications like Office 2013 has been implemented, including a complete revamp of icons, ribbons, menus and interactive items.

New Themes

There are six new theme packs that use a lighter, less “glossy” design methodology suited to the new “flat” look.

Version 4 themes are still available.

Languages and Localization

There are 11 new languages: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Languages may not all be released at the same time.

Basic User Interface (BUI) Created for "consumer" and "viewer" users, this is a simple point-and-click interface without exposing the numerous content management interfaces. The consumer can optionally change to the fuller backstage seen by professionals and analysts.
Mash-Pit Data Mash-up Wizard A new wizard to import data sourced from MS Excel, Access, Text files, SQL Server, SQL Azure, and Oracle.
Calculation Designer

A new wizard to design sophisticated and advanced calculations.

Variables Wizard Users now have the ability to define static data entry points, or variables, that can be used to change calculation logic or filters.
Share and Print Options Upgrade

Users can now print and export content to PDF, XPS, MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word. There is also an added functionality to change and export dynamic/interactive PowerPoint decks to static slides with content images.

New "Feeds" Panel Users can easily access any alert messages or report publications created in bioWRITER.
Upgraded Report Components

Upgraded grids, charts and gauges

Enhanced Geospatial Mapping Users can view maps offline in Mercator mode .
Upgraded Filtering Options Users can now filter data by statistical methods: average, median, z-score and standard deviation.
Upgraded Interactivity in bioPOINT Users can now create Sync interactivity between different query outcomes, artifacts, in a slide, so that if there is a change in the selections of a given hierarchy in one panel, it will be auto-synchronized to adjust in another.
Global Slicer Enhancement Users can selectively hide slicers from the slide, thereby rendering them both invisible and inoperable at runtime.

New functionality to set up how and when an underlying template from bioWRITER should run, and be rendered and delivered.

Delivery New functionality to be able to automatically deliver content into the BI Office application portal and/or emailed as attachments.
HTML5 Viewer

Users can now access a lighter interface model (BUI) when they do not wish to use the full client application. All content and data security inherent in the BI Office platform is extended to the viewer automatically.

Mobility Users can now access the "lite" workspace of BI Office on any mobile device: Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows WinRT. The presentation model of the content is automatically optimized for the size and form factor of the device.
Version 4.6 Enhancements
Function Detail

PowerPivot Uploader

New set of features to upload PowerPivot enabled Excel Spreadsheets directly to SQL 2012 Tabular Cube Servers from the Pyramid backstage. Also coupled with the ability to set security for these new tabular cubes.

Tabular cube Manager A new mini-console interface to manage tabular cubes.
Improved Meta Data New improved metadata information from the power-square in bioXL and bioPoint
Hide/show Chart Series

Ability to hide and show specific chart series in a given chart

Hierarchy Tool-tips Hovering over dimensions, hierarchies or levels will now show the description for the item (from the cube) as a tool tip
Tool-tip of the Day Users are now presented with a tool-tip of the day in the home screen of the backstage
Keep Report As function Users can now easily save the changes to any report into a new report within a given book
Save Running Dashboard Users can now save a running dashboard to their personal workspace.
Performance Numerous improvements in query performance and retrieval of element trees
Version 4.5 Enhancements
Function Detail
Upgrade to SilverLight 5 Client application now runs in SilverLight 5 - exposing the latest XAML/C# client from Microsoft. This includes a native 64-bit client.
Fast Loader New "fast loading" runtime for instances where content is embedded in other applications or opened via URL (e.g. PowerPoint, SharePoint, Dynamics etc.). The fast loader improves the launch time of runtime content.
Missing Data Wizard New wizard application for helping content administrators and end users to manage and upgrade their reports and dashboards to match changing cube/data source structures.
Content Migrator New wizard for content administrators allowing them to migrate books or dashboards from one Pyramid instance to another (e.g. dev >test > prod)
Improved Content Export bioPoint dashboards can now be exported and imported via the content organizer
Improved Excel Export Complementing the already existing "Quick export to Excel", bioPoint content can now be exported to Excel like bioXL.
Slicer Upgrade

A significant number of upgrades to the slicers in the application, including:

  • 3 new slicer visualizations added (button arrays, text box and hierarchical trees)
  • All slicers types (except the slider) can be searched
  • Slicers can be configured with more control
Cascading Slicers Improvements to the cascading engine to allow slicers to cascade (using parameters)
Conditional Formatting Upgrade

Grid Conditional Formatting now reflects a powerful engine for exposing 5 different types of conditional value display, that can be fully configured, including:

  • The addition of foreground and value formats.
  • The choice of up to 11 methods for determining values or bands, including Percent of Total logic and representation
  • Ability to apply logic hierarchically
Ragged Queries and Eliminations New functionality to create "ragged" query structures with the use of "tuple eliminations"
New Sort Options New functionality to sort axes by value, label or inverted hierarchy
Custom Set Wizard New menu-driven wizard for Custom Set design - exposing a variety of MDX set based logic
Multi-Mode for Parameters New capabilities to customize the way parameters operate: iteratively or cumulatively
Improved Chart Axis Formatting New Options for chart axis data formats including automated formatting based on measures and the ability to set formats for the primary and secondary axes.
Improved Totaling Improved Totaling logic to better display grand and sub-totals on grids.
MDX Engine Improvements Improvements to the MDX engine for more efficient results. Also, better handling of filters and sorts with totals.
Report Management

New functionality added to the bioXL report "power square" that will allow users to manage their bioXL reports more easily. This also includes an upgrade in the metadata offered for each report using the power square hover over.

New "Report Reset" functions as well.

Custom User Options New ability for administrators or users to set default options for certain settings in the bioXL - covering slicers, non-empty and auto execute.
Web Panels New web panel asset type that will allow dashboard developers to embed and interact with web content side by side with the analytics of the cube.
Interactive Content

New capability to create "interactive" content using the bioPoint interactions:

  • create dynamic text messaging on screen based on user slice/dice/drilling
  • create dynamic button URL's based on user slice/dice/drilling
  • create dynamic web panel URL's based on user slice/dice/drilling
Conditional Display New capability to hide, show and change content in the dashboard runtime based on user input.
Slicer Layout Options New capability to layout slicers in the bioPoint using absolute positioning and sizing.
Input Targets New capability to specify URL inputs for dashboards and then map them to specific query targets within the dashboard slide.
Asset Templates The ability to make templates out of existing asset designs for future use.
Improved PAS compatibility Improvements to the PAS import tools for higher compatibility
New ProClarity BBK Import Ability to import BBK books into Pyramid directly from the backstage.
Custom Data support in Forms Authentication Ability to set custom data values for data source connection strings via the forms authentication model (which can then be used in MDX).
New Languages Localization for Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Spain)
Version 4.4 Enhancements
Function Detail
Slicers Further enhancements to the slicers - including new placement options and more customizations
Conditional Formatting for Grids Upgraded conditional formatting options - allowing for specific row and column CF settings from the grid context menus
Search New functionality for searching Pyramid content. The search includes advanced search options allowing users to find content by key word, date and data source.
Improved SharePoint WebPart Further improvements to the SharePoint WebPart.
Stress Tester Tools Version 4 release of the stress tester application for enterprise deployment testing.
Parameters in the ASD Support for parameter selections in sets designed with the Advanced Set Designer Wizard
Administrative Console Improvements Various features for adding users and user groups
UPN Login Support Support for UPN user names when logging into the application for both Basic and Forms Authentication
Forms Authentication New authentication models allowing for logging into the application using Direct or Federated Forms - in addition to Basic and Windows Authentication.
Version 4.3 Enhancements
Function Detail
Web Services API New API's for managing content
Improved SharePoint WebPart New and improved SharePoint WebPart
Version 4.2 Enhancements
Function Detail
Slicers Slicers have been updated. They have been redesigned aesthetically and a new slicer type - "list box" - has been added. The List Box slice allows users to do multi-selects from the slice.
Quick Excel Export Within bioXL or bioPoint, users can now use a short-cut to do simple exports to Excel via the right-click report context menu.
Improved ProClarity Compatibility Better support for more legacy content from ProClarity PAS data store and "bbk" standalone content.
Version 4.1 Enhancements
Function Detail
Backstage The new Office 2010 look and feel with the "backstage" interface for accessing general functions across both the bioXL analytic application and the BioPoint dashboard application. The new backstage gives end users the ability to change the application color and language.
Client Content Organizer Within the backstage, a new Content Organizer is provided for all end users to manage and organize their book and dashboard content.
URL Parameterization bioXL Books can now be loaded up via an improved external URL framework that allows parameters to be fed into the underlying queries.
Multiple cubes in a bioXL book bioXL books can now contain reports connected to two or more independent cube data sources.
Multi-Member Search bioXL member search now includes options to repeat multiple searches and to use all or partial results from each search to build selections for queries.
Measure Group Filtering Users can filter the visible measures and hierarchies based on the measure groups to which they are attached.
Slicer upgrades Slicers can now be customized. They can be presented as traditional combo-drop boxes; list boxes and sliders. They can also be set to operate in auto-execution mode, when the query is auto updated when the slicer is changed.
Parameters A new concept in analytic capabilities, the bioXL parameterization engine provides analysts with a new super-tool for designing ultra powerful queries and query capabilities without any coding through a point-and-click interface.
Member Calculations Within the element trees, there is a new set of wizard menus for building complex member calculations across all hierarchies. These cover a range of function types and capabilities in MDX.
Advanced Set Designer This is a new wizard for end users to design highly complex element sets through a point-and-click interface. The "ASD" provides for an "n" tier model that exposes an unlimited number of filtering, sorting and derivative options for end users in constructing complex groupings of elements for analysis.
Cube Meta Viewer A new tool for viewing all the metadata and descriptions of a cube in a singular document is available in the bioXL hierarchy menus.
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting can now be applied to grid result-sets for highlighting different values in the context of other values.
Chart Types Radar and Polar charts have been added. Scatter and Bubble charts have been redesigned to match the way these charts are plotted by other analytic tools in the market.
Chart Totals When visual totals are used in a query, they are excluded from plotted data in charts, unless stipulated by end users.
Chart Zooming The chart scrolling mechanism has been upgraded and now includes a more intuitive scrolling mechanism. Further, Ctrl+click chart zooming functionality has been added to scatter and bubble charts.
Map Legends Map legends have been upgraded to allow users to place them in various positions within a map and to choose alternative legend types.
Export to PowerPoint Users can now export their books to PowerPoint in a "live" mode that allows them to view and interact with their content from within a PowerPoint presentation.
General Performance Improved performance of all query related activities including printing and exporting of content.




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