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The Feeds panel in the backstage is the internal “portal” for viewing Alerts,Publications and current Conversation threads.

Feed Tabs

Feeds provides access to each through three tabs.

Alerts Tab

This tab displays a list of “live” alerts for the current user.

There are two buttons on the right-hand side (outlined in red):

  • Refresh – manually refresh the list with any new alerts delivered
  • Dismiss Checked – you can dismiss an alert from the list (effectively remove it from your live listing).

Each presented alert is shown with its status and a subject line. Clicking on the alert will show a pop-up with the full alert message.


The icon next to the alert name represents the status of the alert message.

There are 4 status symbols:

  • Green tick – typically used to note a good news alert
  • Yellow exclamation– typically used to note a warning alert
  • Red "X" – typically used to note a bad news alert
  • Blue information – typically used to note an information alert

However, each status, is set by the alert designer and can mean other things.

Alert Message

Click an alert and a pop-up box will appear with the full alert and its details.

The alert presented includes:

  • The alert status
  • The alert title/subject
  • Its execution date
  • Optionally, the slice of data used to generate this particular alert
  • The full alert message, complete with any dynamically generated text and hyperlinks to BI Office content.

In the pop-up window, you can move between the previous and next alerts with the navigation buttons.

Dismiss an Alert

You can choose to dismiss the alert in two ways:

  • In the pop-up window, you can click on “Dismiss”.
  • You can check off an alert and select the “Dismiss Checked” button on the main list interface (in the upper right-hand corner of the screen).
Publications Tab

This tab displays the list of publications rendered that are accessible for the current user.

There are two items on the upper right-hand side (outlined in red):

  • Number of Publications – the number of the amount of publications in the list.
  • Refresh - manually refresh the list with any new publications produced.

On the left-hand side, there is a drop-down menu (indicated with the blue arrow) that allows you to quickly filter the publications based on different publication dates.

NOTE: Clicking on “Refresh” below the drop-down (outlined in orange) updates the list based on your date range selection.

The list of publication displays:

  • Publication Title – this is the title of the publication
  • Job ID – this is the unique name of the execution
  • Schedule – this is the name of the schedule created for the publication
  • Start Date – this is when the execution of the publication began
  • End Date – this is when the execution of the publication ended

When you click on a publication, the rendered output is opened.

Conversations Tab

The conversations tab shows a list of current and active conversations that the user is subscribed to. A more complete explanation of the conversations mechanism is provided here.

Feeds Security

The mechanisms governing content access in the content in feeds panel is quite comprehensive and allows different users to view and access different alerts and publications based on several settings and criteria. These are described in detail here. Security for conversations depends on the details of the deployment and is described in detail here.

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