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Users, Roles and Licenses Overview

This set of administrative functions are designed to provide users with access to the system in general, and access to content and servers in particular.

  • The users view represents a listing of all users in the system, where administrators can Add, Disable and Delete users; set their administrative capabilities and assign users to roles.
  • The roles view represents a listing of all roles in the system. These provide role based access to both content and data source servers. The view allows administrators to Add, Edit and Delete Roles. Roles can comprise users added into the system using the user's view (as per above), or by using the inherent security groups found in either the OS' or the Active directories own security framework.
  • The license view is a listing of all current licenses in the system, where administrators can Add new licenses and generate license maintenance requests.
Adding Users Overview

A review of how to add users into the system is provided here.



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