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Client Licenses


The Client Licenses tab provides two key functions for administrators:

  • The ability to add new application client license "packs". Client License packs represent a collection of end user licenses that are ultimately allocated to new user accounts when they are created in the system
  • The ability to generate and process maintenance renewal files for relevant maintenance.

The initial view presented on the License Tab is a listing of all the current license packs in the system, the date they were purchased and subsequently activated. It also shows the number of client license seats, the type of client licenses that were originally included in the pack and how many of those have been activated to date.

Adding Client Licenses

  • Click the " Add an Client License" button
  • In the dialog box, enter in the encrypted key you received from Pyramid.
    • If the key is valid, you will be presented with an opportunity to give it a custom description. You will be presented with an error message if the key is invalid.
  • Next you will be presented with a summary of the license pack purchased from Pyramid.
  • Click Finish to commit the license to the data store.

For more detailed information specific to the version of BI Office you are running, see the subtopics. Start here.

Client License Allocation

Once a license pack has been loaded, administrators can add users via the User tab, allocating out client licenses from this license pack.

License Re-use

In the event a user is deleted from the system with an active license, their license is returned to the pool of licenses that can be re-allocated out to another new user. However, once a client license has been initially allocated out and activated, it still needs to be renewed on its original maintenance anniversary date (typically 1 year from the date of activation).

Maintenance Renewals

The license renewal process is a cycle that involves:

  • Generating a Renewal Request with a "PALM" file and sending it to the Pyramid team.
  • Inputting a license renewal "PALR" file that has been received from the Pyramid team.

Click here for the details of the License Renewal Process.



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