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Data Discovery: Home Ribbon

The Home tab provides end users with the functions most often used in data discovery.


New Report

Adds blank report based on a source that you specify. You may specify either the CURRENT DATA MODEL or a DIFFERENT DATA MODEL. A book may contain reports based on a single data or multiple data models. The main window banner contains the name of the data model on which the current report is based.

NOTE: Consumer users do not have access to the New Report button.


Provides management options for the current report:

  • Keep as New Report - Saves current report with changes. You are prompted to specify a name for the new report. (The source report is closed without changes.)
  • Keep and Close - Saves current report with changes and then closes report.
  • Discard and Close - Closes current report without changes.
  • Duplicate - Copies current report (with changes) into a new report.
  • Rename - Renames current report.
  • Change Description - Changes report description (or saves with auto-title).

NOTE: Changes are not committed permanently until the book has been saved to the server.

Copy Content

Copies to clipboard the content of the current report. From the clipboard, content can be pasted into external applications such as MS Excel or MS Word. For more information regarding copying/exporting report content, see Exporting Content.

Font Color

Sets font color for current report title.

Background Color

Sets background color for current report.


Query Options

Query Reset

Resets query to its default settings (current theme & colors retained).

Hide Empty

Hides empty rows and columns. For details, see Hiding Empty Rows/Columns.

Auto Run
  • Select Auto Run to see your query changes immediately. This may slow down response time.
  • Deselect Auto Run to make changes to your query without seeing immediate results. To see results, press F2 or click the Run Query icon (upper right corner).

Swaps column/row dimensional settings and re-executes the query.


For information on Totals, see the Visual Totals dialog.

Sort & Filter

Applies Data Sorting and Data Filtering to the current report.

Members Search

Searches a cube's meta structure and finds one or more members to match search criteria. Member searches can performed using either a wide or a narrow search. For details, see Member Search.



Grid Type

For details, see Grid Tab.

Map Type

For details, see GeoSpatial Mapping.

Chart Type

For details, see Chart Tab.

Visualization Type

For details, see Visualization Tab.

Conditional Formatting

For details, see Conditional Formatting.



Report Layout

Swaps between eight Report Layouts. Each layout has a fixed number of panes (1, 2, 3 or 4). Each pane may be assigned a single report component (Grid, Chart, Advanced, Map, Gauge, Text, Slicer). Panes can be resized by dragging pane splitter lines.


Activates the Conversation panel for current report. The panel allows you to send emails and post comments regarding the current report.

Workspace Type

Changes the workspace type for the current user (Classic, Analytic, Office, Legacy, Viewer, Lite). Chosen workspace is saved from session to session for each user.

Tips for Home Tab

  • Read about Split Buttons.
  • Changes made in this tab influence the current report only.
  • Some of the advanced options may not be available to Consumer Users.


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