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Member Search

The member search function is designed for users to be able to search a cube's meta structure and find one or more members that match various search criteria.

Member search can be completed through a broad simple search or a narrower and specific advanced search.

The member search results are presented back to the user as a list of matching elements that can then be selected and used within the querying process like any other member selection in the application.

Note: Search results are limited to 25,000 elements.

Standard Search

Simple Searches

To complete a search, end users must select a dimension and one of its hierarchies before supplying a search string. Once executed, the search will check the ENTIRE hierarchy for all element names (or captions) that contain the search string.

Using an empty string as the search criteria, will return the first 25,000 elements from the hierarchy.

Member Search Syntax Options

There are several syntactical search options available in the member search:

  • Use the characters "&&" to perform a conditional "AND" query. For example use " new && ou " to search for all members that have BOTH the strings "new" and "ou" in their captions.
  • Use the characters "||" to perform a conditional "OR" query. For example use " new || ou " to search for all members that have EITHER the strings "new" or "ou" in their captions.
  • To nest search options, use parentheses "(....)". For example use " (new || old) && ou " to search for all members that have EITHER the strings "new" or "old" in their captions, and then "ou" as well.

NOTE: if you want to search for the characters "(" or ")" in the search string itself use double characters: "((" or "))".

Advanced Searches

Checking the advanced search box, will provide end users with more settings to narrow the search scope. These include:

  • Level - users must choose which level within the given hierarchy they wish to search
  • Property - users can choose from ALL the properties associated with members in the given level as the basis for the search. The properties always include the element/member name, its key and its full unique name. It will also include optional member properties that have been added by the cube designers.
  • Match Type - users can pick a more accurate form of result matching:
    • Exact - the search results must EXACTLY match the search string provided (all searches are case sensitive)
    • Contains - as per the simple search, search results must contain the search string (all searches are case insensitive)
    • Starts With - the search results must start with the search string
    • Ends With - the search results must end with the search string

When properties are searched, the search result grid will highlight the property values that comply with the search query in the last column of the result set.

Extended Search

Extended searching allows users to complete multiple searches and then combine the results before using them in queries.

To use extended search, users:

  • Complete the standard search as above, then click the extended search checkbox at the bottom of the screen (red highlight).
  • Using the macro buttons (blue highlight), all or part of the search results can be added to a holding list on the right hand side of the dialog.
  • Users can now complete subsequent searches and keep adding all or part of the subsequent results to the holding list.
  • When complete, the extended holding list search results will be used in the queries, back in the main application.

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