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Content Management and Backstage

Upon loading up the suite, all users accessing the application in its standard delivery format are presented with a common interface referred to as the "Backstage". The Backstage houses a variety of common screens and functions that users can access across the entire suite, including:

  • The Start page is the heart of the backstage where users can launch new projects, open existing content, view their favorite content items, get an overview of accessible publications/alerts and conversations - as well as accessing support and help.
  • The Content Management pages are comprised of the Open function for finding previously built content - as we all as separate pages for saving and sharing content (print, export and email). There is also a feeds page for accessing lists of accessible publications, alerts and latest conversation threads.
  • The Search page for searching through content based on tag and description criteria.
  • The Account page for managing user options and settings.

Note: Access to some or all of the above functions is governed by various factors including license type and extended security settings.


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