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Lite Client Overview

What is the Lite Client?

BI Office is an application designed for building powerful analytics, dashboards and reports. The full range of application features can be found in the BI Office Main Client accessed from your desktop.

The BI Office Lite Client is a slimmed-down version of the main client and allows you to access the folders, books, reports and slides that have been created in the main client.

  • Lite client allows you to view content in the Data Discovery, Story Board, Alerts and Publications menus.
  • Lite client provides context-menu commands such as expand, drill, dice, pivot, sort, filter, etc. For example, you can perform a drill down for a given row within a report and view the results. The results are not saved to the server and do not appear in the main client.
  • Lite client allows you to change runtime values using slicers that have been pre-defined in the main client. The results appear in your lite client, but are not saved to the server and do not appear in the main client.
  • Lite client cannot create data models.
  • Lite client cannot move/rename/delete any of your folders, books, reports and slides. Those functions can be performed in the main client only.
  • Lite client does not include selection panels for dimensions, hierarchies, measures and elements.

Lite Client Environments

The lite client is available in the following environments.

Lite Client for Tablet (installable app)

Can be installed on tablet devices running iOS, Android or WinRT. When using Lite Client for Tablet, you can open the Settings Screen and select from three possible display modes:

  • Tablet (default)
  • Phablet
  • Phone
Lite Client for Phone (installable app)

Can be installed on smartphones running iOS, Android or WinRT. Lite Client for Phone operates in phone display mode only.

Lite Client for HTML5

Can be used within any browser that supports HTML5. Lite Client for HTML5 operates in tablet display mode only.

Running Lite Client from Multiple Devices

You can install the lite client on two or more personal devices in parallel - for example, on your tablet and your smartphone. You can then log into each lite client instance separately and work simultaneously.

Each lite client instance maintains its own display based on the current content in the main client and any display changes you make in the lite client instance. The changes made within two lite client instances do not influence one another. For example, if you perform a grid pivot in one instance, the pivot is NOT performed in the other instance (and is NOT performed in the main client).

Advanced UI, Basic UI and Lite Client

Within the main client, users can switch between Advanced UI and Basic UI. The Lite Client and Basic UI share the same interface design. They both provide a streamlined viewing environment for presenting the reports and slides that are created within the Advanced UI of the main client.

Setup and Security

For details on setup and security for the lite client, administrators should open the Settings/Mobile dialog in the Administrator Console and refer to the Admin Client help.



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