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Content Explorer Window

Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System (CMS) window includes four control areas, as described below.

  1. Top Banner
  2. Menus
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Books and Folders

Top Banner

The top banner contains two icons.

Hamburger Menu

The Hamburger Menu contains a list of basic commands.


The search mechanism allows you to search for books, folders, reports and slides whose name includes a specific text string (which you specify). No asterisks are required in the string.


The following menus can be accessed.


Access commonly used files.


Access recently used files.


Access files in the Personal folder.


Access files in the Group folder.


Access files in the Public folder.


View, manage and dismiss alerts.


Access publication files.


The breadcrumbs line contains the path of the currently displayed book or folder. The following example shows a path that includes three elements.

  • Personal Content > STL Folder > 2015 Results

The path elements serve as interactive links so you can click on any element to change the current display.

Books and Folders

The lite client allows you to view the current content of folders and books as they are arranged in the main client. For full management of books and folders (rename, move, delete, etc.), use the main client.

Green Books

A green icon indicates a Discovery Data book. The book name and creation date are displayed. You can tap a book to display its contents (reports).

Red Books

A red icon indicates a Story Board book. The book name and creation date are displayed. You can tap a book to display its contents (slides).


Folder icons show the folder name and the number of items contained in the folder. You can tap a folder to display its contents.


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