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Data Discovery: Analytics Ribbon

The analytics tab provides a powerful set of tools for advanced data analysis.


Variables List

For details, see Variables.



Custom Items

Provides access to:

  • Custom Measure Wizard
  • New Blank Custom Member
  • New Blank Custom

For more information, see Custom Members and Custom Sets.

List Builder

Opens the List Builder Wizard.

Cascading Prompt

For details, see Cascading Slicers.

  • Single Hierarchy
  • Multiple Hierarchy
Time Intelligence

Opens the Time Intelligence wizard.

Variable Sets

Opens the Variable Sets wizard.


Opens the Binning wizard.

Set Designer

Opens the Advanced Set Designer (ASD) wizard.

Calc Designer

Opens the Calculation Designer wizard.

Cell Overlays

Opens the Cell Overlays wizard.


Advanced Algorithms


For details, see Forecasting.


For details, see Clustering.


For details, see Predictions.

Regression Line

For details, see Trending.

Chart Statistics

For details, see Chart Statistics.

Outlier Analysis

Helps users to decide whether to highlight outliers within a particular dataset based on a standard deviation.


For details, see Pareto.



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