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Binning Wizard

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Overview of Binning Wizard

The Binning wizard in the Data Discovery/Analytics ribbon allows you to quickly generate a bin (group) of custom elements based on numerical value ordering. The Binning wizard creates an auto chart based on the generated bin.

Binning Wizard Setup

The wizard provides a simple point-n-click interface for choosing setup options, as shown below.


Type in the desired bin name. The bin name is used for generating custom bin elements. For example:

CitySTATS #1 (6.79M - 99.22M)

CitySTATS #2 (99.22M - 198.44M)

The name is also used to generate bin parameters. For example:

CitySTATS Base Measure

CitySTATS Measure


Choose the dimension for which to generate bin elements. Your dimension choice determines the content of the hierarchy list.


Choose the hierarchy for which to generate bin elements. Your hierarchy choice determines the content of the level pop-up list.

Member Selection

Choose one of these three options for member selection. Note that the lists displayed for all three options depends on the current dimension/hierarchy selection.

Level - Choose a level from the list.

Custom Set - Choose a custom set from the list.

Free Selection - Select any individual element from the browse tree.

Bin by

Specify the element to be used as a filter in creating the bin.

Number of bins

Specify the number of bins to create.


Specify access rights to the bin content as follows:

  • Private access ensures that the bin content is available to the owner ONLY (assuming the private bin is created in a private report). If a private bin is created in a public report, the other users can run queries using the bin but cannot change bin contents.
  • Public access allows any user with access to the data source to read and utilize bin content. If a user has write access, the user can also update bin content.

For more info, see Security and Role Security for Content.


Close wizard without generating bin.


Proceed to next wizard screen.


Generate bin and close wizard.

Binning Wizard Summary

The list of elements to be generated are displayed.

To continue, click Finish.

Now click OK to generate elements.

Generated Bin Elements

The Binning wizard generates the number of bin elements specified in the "Number of bins" field. In this example, there are five bin elements numbered CitySTATS #1 through CitySTATS #5.

Select one or more of the bin elements (or select the bin folder) and click Run Query to add the bin elements to your report.

Example of Binning

Step 1

We type in HTG as the bin name. Then we make choose the desired parameters. Then we click Next to proceed.

Step 2

The wizard summary shows us the binning elements to be generated. We click Finish to proceed.

Step 3

An additional wizard summary appears (same as previous summary). We click OK to proceed.

Step 4

Five bin elements number 1-5 are generated within the HTG bin folder.

Step 5

We select the HTG #1 element and click Run Query icon. The results are shown below. The "HTG Measure" box functions as a slicer, allowing the user to change the desired measure (grid contents are updated interactively).

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