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Variables Overview

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About Variables

The use of variables allows you to inject values during runtime directly into calculations, queries and equations. For example, you can make on-the-fly changes to cell overlays, custom KPIs, custom members/sets and filters to achieve highly sophisticated analytic outcomes.

Once you have created one or more variables, a list of variables will be available for you to view and edit. For a quick view of how variables work, see the examples of variables.

Variables are created per report. So if you have two reports in a book, a variable created in one of the reports will not be present in the other report.

Types of Variables

There are three types of variables, as described in Creating Variables.

Slider Variables (Continuous or Discrete)

Radio Button Variables

Text Box Variables

Referencing Variables

You can reference variables through multiple wizards and dialogs, as listed below.

From Analytics Ribbon

The following Data Discovery/Analytics commands make use of variables:

From Query Ribbon

The following Data Discovery/Query commands make use of variables:

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