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Collaboration Overview

Powerful Social Networking

  • The Collaboration utility provides a powerful social networking tool for creating annotation markers inside of reports and slides, and then engaging coworkers in conversations regarding those annotations.
  • Conversations can be associated locally with a specific report or slide, or can be associated globally with a specific data model.
  • Conversation panels can be accessed easily from multiple entry points including Backstage, Feeds, Data Discovery and Story Board.
  • Comments by recipients are auto-threaded under the main conversation, allowing all recipients to view the original message and all subsequent comments.

Quick Creation of Messages

  • Base your conversations on any of five annotation marker types (report, slide, component, dimension, cell).
  • Create conversations quickly by selecting recipients from a list of people in your organization or from an external social network such as Yammer.
  • Broadcast messages to predefined recipient groups.
  • Tag your conversations using predefined tags or customized tags.
  • Attach report images, component images, audio recordings or other files to your conversations.

Search, Filter and Sort at a Click

  • Search conversation threads by recipients, subjects or tags.
  • Arrange conversations in folders according to author, recipient, creation date, tags or type.
  • Display the source annotation instantly from within the conversation.
  • Swap instantly from folder view to individual drill-down view.
  • Erase old conversations with a click.
  • View graphic timelines of multiple conversations or individual conversation threads.


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