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Data Sources for Data Modeling


The client-side Data Modeling module allows users to build their own data models based on external data sources such as relational databases and spreadsheets. The "Add Mash Data Source" panel can be used by administrators to provide connection details for these data sources.

IMPORTANT: A tabular instance is a MUST in order for the Data Modeler to run.

IMPORTANT: Tabular instances are available from SQL Server 2012 and onward.

Defining a Data Source

For each data source you define, you will be requested to fill in three dialogs:

Dialog 1 - Data Source Definition

Here you fill in basic details such as server name (instance name), database name, port, use name and password.

Dialog 2 - Display Name

The name to be displayed in both ADMIN and BI Office.

Dialog 3 - Role Names

The role names for your data source. You must assign roles to your data source in order to make it accessible to end users.

Authentication Model for SQL Servers

When working with SQL Server data sources, you can use choose either of these authentication models.

Windows Authentication - Will connect to the data source as the specified user. In this scenario, the user needs read access to the underlying database.

SQL Authentication - Will connect as the relevant SQL user.

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