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Administrative Console Overview

The "Adcon" is a SilverLight application to manage three core aspects of the BI Office platform:


  • System: settings related to application wide settings, transactional logging, servers and data-sources
  • Users, Roles & Licenses: settings related to creating and managing users, user based roles and user licensing
  • Content: settings related to maintaining application reporting content, managing content security and access

Administrative Rights

Depending on the administrative access level granted to end users, different administrative functions will be made available. These settings can be made for each user in the Users Panel.

  • Full Access: these admin users have complete access to all functionality, like the master user account (see below). They are also able to delegate administrative rights to other users.
  • System Access: admin users cannot manage users, roles or content.
  • User Access: admin users can only manage users and content.

Master User

On installation, the master user account is created and should be used to initially delegate administrative rights to other users in the system. Users with "FULL" access rights have the same rights and capabilities as the master user account. This includes changing the master account credentials. However, these users must exist in the host operating system or active directory, whereas the master account exists independently of the OS security framework. Care should be taken to ensure that the credentials of this account are neither lost nor shared with unauthorized personnel.



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