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Publication Scheduling and Distribution

Publications can be launched through the Scheduler Interface - a tool for setting up how and when the underlying publication template should be rendered and delivered.

Different options for scheduling and distribution are available based on application license, user license and publication/alert design choices. These include:

  • Publication format choices -Excel, PowerPoint, Word, XPS, PDF (how)
  • Slice Selections (what)
  • Scheduled times (when)
  • Trigger settings (whether)
  • Distribution targets - portal, API or email (where)
  • Security settings (who)

Once schedules are launched, the designated data tasks and sub-tasks will be run and will produce rendered publications. The schedule and publication listings will allow users with the right security level to see the progress, performance and output of their chosen publications. The interfaces include color-coded status bars and lights to indicate outcomes.


Content is automatically delivered into the BI Office application Feeds page or in the Open page. It can also be made accessible through the Web services API and/or emailed as links or attachments to recipients.

Securing Published Content

Published content can be secured depending on a variety of choices and factors. Click here for more on securing published content.

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