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Alert Delivery Settings

Alerts can be delivered to end users via 3 techniques:

  • Portal
  • Email
  • API

These are described below.


The portal in this case is the Feeds page.

When you click on the addresses field “To (Portal)”, you can delineate which roles you want to be able to have access to the alert and set the permissions for each role.

Roles are a specific list that is created and managed through the Admin Console. Individuals are added to a specific role category and can be easily added to alerts.

Once you have designated which roles are to receive the alert, choose each role’s permissions:

  • Read allows the user to see the alert template.
  • Write allows the user to write in and edit the alert template.
  • View allows the user to be able to see the end alert that is rendered.

Click here for further information.


When you click on the addresses field “To (Email)”, a small pop-up window will appear where you can add the email addresses. These recipients will get an email with the alert if and when it renders.

There are three options available:

Cut – can cut the selected text within the Editor to remove or paste elsewhere in the list

Copy – can copy selected text within the Editor to paste and adjust elsewhere in the list

Paste – can paste text that has been copied to your clipboard

Warning: Make sure to separate the emails with a semicolon for the Email Editor to function properly.


When you select "API Programmatic Access", the alert will be enumerated and listed using the web service API’s for publication into other 3rd party components and tools. Refer to the external API reference documentation for further information.

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