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Data Discovery Ribbons

A series of command ribbons provide quick access to the most essential Data Discovery commands.

Execute Button

Click execute button to rerun the query with current values/selections.

F2 Shortcut

You can also press F2 to reexecute the query.

Highlight of Execute Button

When grid changes have been made, the execute button is highlighted, as shown below.

In some cases, the system updates the query automatically without highlighting the execution button.

  • For example, if you change font size or chart colors, the changes are performed immediately in the workspace.
  • Another example is when you have the slicer autorun feature turned ON and you change the slicer selection. The system applies the new slicer without highlighting the execution button.

Query Spinner

If the query takes over two seconds to run, a special spin time is displayed with a Cancel option. If the spinner takes too long or you wish to make changes, just click the Cancel option.

Title Bar

The title bar contains the current book name and the current data source. In the example below, the book is named [April Returns].

Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar contains several commands that become active based on the current context of the Data Discovery application. For full details, read Saving Content.

App Indicator

Indicates the current application (green for Data Discovery application).


Saves the current book.


Opens help system.


Goes to previously executed query.


Goes to next query (after usage of "Back" command).


Minimizes (closes) the current ribbon. Maximizes (opens) the current ribbon.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Determines which commands appear in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Split Buttons

Many of the buttons that appear in the Data Discovery ribbon are split buttons.

Advanced Features

Some of the advanced options in the Data Discovery ribbons may not be available to Consumer Users.

Current Report Only

Changes made in the Data Discovery ribbon influence the current report only.

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