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Slicer Dialog

The parameters highlighted below are common to all slicer types and are described below.

NOTE: For descriptions on parameters specific to each individual slicer type, see Slicer Types.


By default, a slicer caption assumes the name of its parent hierarchy. When necessary you can edit or change a slicer caption.

Caption Orientation

Users can decide if the caption should appear above the slicer box (vertical) to the left of the slicer box (horizontal).


Check this box to auto-run the query when a slicer selection is changes.

Slice Load Mode

First - First item in list is loaded by default.

Last - Last item in list is loaded by default.

Saved Selection Position - Slicer selection is saved/loaded in report based on its relative position in the list.

Saved Selection Name - Slicer selection is saved/loaded in report based on its name. If the saved name is not present at reload time, the first item in list is loaded.

Slicer Type

Changes the slicer type:

  • Drop Down Box
  • Multi-Select List Box
  • Slider
  • Text Box
  • Button
  • Hierarchy Tree
  • Multi Select Drop Down Box
Apply to All Slices

Applies dialog changes to all slicers in current report.

NOTE: This parameter is relevant only in cases when two or more items currently appear in the slices selection zone.

Auto Width

Check this to auto-adjust slicer width based on its current content.


Closes dialog and performs changes.


Closes dialog without performing changes (changes are lost).

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