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Overview of Slicers

The Slicer mechanism has been designed to simplify access to dimensional selections for both end users and report consumers. Initially used to provide a mechanism to complete the "SLICE and DICE" paradigm, the slicer is used by report designers to extract key member elements out of the element tree, so that end users do not have to use more complex dimensional trees to view basic variations in their reports.

See Working with Slicers for details on creating, editing and deleting slicers.

Slicers vs. SubSets

Slicers provide a simple mechanism for end users to filter their reports. In this regard, the effect of a slicer choice is identical to that of the sub-set choice in the client. Both functions filter the underlying data and allow the analysis to be focused on a filtered set of data. The difference is that a slicer provides a convenient runtime mechanism for the user to change different values; while a sub-set requires a user to interact with the selections panel, hierarchies panel and elements panel.

When you place a hierarchy within the slices selection zone, the elements panel becomes inactive for that particular hierarchy. For example, if you move the "Products" hierarchy into the slicer zone, the Products hierarchy can be controlled solely by the slicers mechanism and cannot be controlled by the elements panel. If you wish to control the Products hierarchy via the elements panel, you can move it into the subset selection zone.

Slicer Positions

Within Data Discovery, the slicer can be placed in the gutters of a report (top, left and right) by using the Slicer Position button in the Data Discovery/Report tab. Alternatively, it can be placed inside a report using the slicer report component switch within a report canvas.

Within Story Board, the slicer can be placed practically anywhere on the canvas and be positioned very precisely using fixed layout options.

Slicer Limitations

The limitations of each slicer type are displayed below.

Drop Down Box 10,000
Multi-Select List Box 10,000
Slider 50
Text Box 10,000
Button 144
Hierarchy Tree no limit
Multi Select Drop Down Box 10,000

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