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Report Canvas and Components

The report canvas is the main graphic work area that contains various components showing the results of executed queries.

Report Canvas Structure

Use the Report Layout button in the Home Ribbon to select one of the eight report layouts, as shown below.

Report Canvas Panes

The report canvas has the following qualities:

Slicers in Report Canvas

Slicers can appear in the report canvas in either of two ways.

Slicers Associated with Report Pane

If you associate Slicers with one of your report panes, slicers will be displayed inside the respective report pane.

Slicers Not Associated with Report Pane

If you do NOT associate Slicers with one of your report panes, slicers will added at the top of report canvas.

Resizing Report Panes

You can resize the report panes as follows:

  • Drag the horizontal splitter.
  • Drag the vertical splitter.
  • Drag the center point to use both splitters together (horizontal and vertical).

Use the Locked Mode command in the Report Tab to lock the report layout and hide the splitter lines.

Zooming Report Panes

When working with a report layout that has two or more panes, each individual pane can be zoomed for a full-screen view. To zoom a pane, click on its zoom icon. Click again to unzoom the report pane.

Managing Report Canvas

Each report canvas includes the following features.

Report Title

The main report title appears at the top of the workspace (for example, Report 1).

Report Auto-Title

The report auto-title is located in the header bar and describes the underlying query in plain language. You can change the auto-title header from the Home ribbon.

NOTE: If the data source is approved or 'sanctioned', the certification watermark is shown next to the auto-title (black arrow below).

Report Power Square

The small square to the left of the report title is known as the Report Power Square.

Hovering over the power square will provide a tooltip containing report info.

Right-clicking on the power square will present the user with a context menu for managing the report.

Multiple Reports

Click the New Report button in the Home ribbon to create another report. You can work with multiple reports, each having a different report layout. Each report can also have it own unique data source.

Closing Reports

Clicking the "X" in each report to close the report.

At least one report must always be present. So if there is one report only, the "X" will not appear.

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