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Navigation in Data Discovery

One of the key aspects of analytics is the ability to easily navigate a data model and to ensure that the discovery of information will be intuitive, efficient and highly functional. With this goal in mind, BI Office has invested significant efforts in developing the navigational aspects of the Data Discovery tool.

Discovering Data

Data Discovery functionality can be summarized as follows:

  • The Hierarchies Panel makes the selection of hierarchies both quick and easy.
  • The Selection Panel allows the introduction of hierarchies into the query in a simple manner while ensuring a solid query structure.
  • The Elements Panel ensures fast and orderly element selection from within the hierarchies.
  • Context-sensitive report components expose shortcut menus that are sensitive to report type, report content and the underlying query.

Additional navigational features include:

Navigational Heuristics

Another essential area of Discovery Navigation is the interplay between each of the above functions (trees, reports and elements) which is driven by a heuristics engine that helps users to navigate models more quickly and with less effort.


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