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Time Intelligence Wizard

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Overview of Time Intelligence

The Time Intelligence wizard in the Data Discovery/Analytics ribbon allows you to quickly generate a wide range of date/time calculations based on dimension, hierarchy and level selections. The resulting calculations are generated as custom elements (sets and members) which can be easily incorporated within your reports.

Time Intelligence Wizard Setup

The wizard provides a simple point-n-click interface for choosing time intelligence setup options, as shown below.


Type in the caption you wish to use for the time intelligence elements to be generated (sets and members). In this example, the caption "LQC" is included in the resulting set names and member names, such as:

Current Day (LQC) Member

Current Day (LQC) Set

The LQC caption is also included in the names of any parameters that are generated. For example:

@LQC- Week


Choose the dimension for which to generate calculations. The dimension must relate to dates or times, such as "Date". Your choice of dimension determines the content of the hierarchy list.


Choose the hierarchy for which to generate calculations. The hierarchy must relate to dates or times, such as "Week Dates". Your choice of hierarchy determines the content of the Level column in the table.

Parameterize All Calculations

Convert the calculation results into parameters.

Eliminate Blank Elements

Eliminate all blank elements from the calculation results.


Depending on your choice of dimension and hierarchy, there may be one or more level items (each in a separate row). Check a level item to enable selections in that row.

Level Type

Select the level type for which to generate values. For each row, you should always select the Level Type that matches the selected Level. For example, if the Level is Year, then the Level Type must be Year. And if the Level is Week, then the Level Type must be Week.

NOTE: When the Level is Date, the Level Type may be Date or Day.

Calculation Options

Select the calculation options for which to generate custom elements. (Your choice of Level and Level Type influence which calculation options are displayed.)


Specify access rights as follows:

  • Private access ensures that the time intelligence elements are available to the owner only. If private elements are created in a public report, other users will be able to run queries using the elements, but cannot change them.
  • Public access allows any user with access to the data source to read and utilize time intelligence elements. If a user has write access, the user can also update the elements.

For more info, see Security and Role Security for Content.


Close the wizard without generating custom elements.


Proceed to next wizard screen.


Generate custom elements and close wizard.

Time Intelligence Wizard Summary

The wizard summary shows a preview of the time intelligence elements to be generated, as shown in the example below.

To proceed, click Finish.

Generated Time Intelligence Elements

The Time Intelligence wizard generates time intelligence elements (sets and members and parameters), as shown below. Select the desired elements and click the Run Query icon to add the elements to your report.

Example of Time Intelligence

Step 1

This image below shows a simple grid which serves as our starting point before applying time intelligence.

Step 2

We open the Time Intelligence wizard and make selections, as shown below.

We click Next to proceed to the wizard summary and preview the time intelligence elements to be generated.

Step 3

The wizard summary provides a brief overview of the elements that will be created.

We click Finish to generate the time intelligence elements.

Step 4

The following custom elements are generated in the JAS folder:

Step 5

We select all three items in the "Period on Period" folder and click the Run Query icon to update the grid content.

The following items are added to the grid display.


The "JAS-Months" box behaves as a slicer. You select the desired month, and both the selected month and the proceeding month are displayed in the grid.

Month on Month % (JAS)

This row shows month-on-month change (as a percentage), from the previous month to the current month.

Month on Month (JAS) Member

This row shows month-on-month change (in real terms), from the previous month to the current month.


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