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Settings Screen

The Settings Screen can be used to configure the lite client on your device. Check with your BI Office administrator for details.


User Name

Enter your username for accessing the BI Office software.


Enter your PW for accessing the BI Office software.


Enter the name string associated with your company's BI Office workspace.

Server URL

Enter the URL to be used for accessing your company's BI Office server.

Device ID

The ID of your device (for most devices, the ID appears automatically).

Display Mode

Choose one of the three display modes:

  • Tablet - The CMS displays in a manner similar to basic user mode in the main client.
  • Phablet - (hybrid mode) The main CMS Window displays in tablet mode, while individual reports/slides display in phone mode.
  • Phone - The CMS displays vertically for easy viewing on small devices. For details, install "Lite Client for Phone" on your smartphone and open the help.
Get Demo Access

Potential customers can request demo access for viewing lite client capabilities. Clicking this button begins a wizard which configures your device for demo access.


Click OK to open the CMS Window.



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