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Model Security

BI Office offers a unique approach to self-driven data modeling: the data models are built and hosted on central servers even though they were designed and deployed by individual end users. Because of this approach, the ability to secure and share the data model becomes readily available.

In the roles stage of the modeling process, the model builder can elect which other roles on the server can access the finished model.

NOTE: The list of roles is limited to the role groupings that the user themselves belong to .

Role Types

There are 3 role types that can be set:

  • Read: users can open and read the data model for analytics, dashboarding and reporting
  • Process: same access as “read” , as well as the ability to refresh the underlying data in the model
  • Administer: same access as “process” and "read" , as well as the ability to edit, change and delete the model.

All model roles are created in SSAS directly using the same user and group definitions used in the BI Office role itself.

IMPORTANT: The model builder is set as an administrator by default. This can only be changed by a tabular server admin in SSAS.

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