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Security Converter

This tool converts BI Office security items (user and roles) to Pyramid 2018. The items are converted without any attachment to content or data sources.

Click here for more detail on what aspects are converted in the procedure.


The selection page allows you to select the different roles and users you wish to convert over into Pyramid 2018.

Selection options:
  • Destination Tenant: If you are using multiple tenants in Pyramid 2018, you can elect which tenant will be attached to the new users and roles.
  • Import Users from file: This capability is enabled when the "User" tab is selected. It allows you to auto-select users based on a user names found in the uploaded file, The file should be a CSV file with the relevant user names in a single column. The format should be "domain\username"

Once you have made your selections, click the CONVERT button on the top right to begin the processing.

Previously Converted Items

Items that have been previously converted will be marked with a small green tick. If you reselect them, the tool will re-import them into the target system, replacing the current items.

Click the "Clear History" button to purge the markings from the system. This will not delete users or roles in either platform.

Target List

This is a summary of the items that have been chosen for conversion. Un-check any items to remove them from the conversion process.

Conversion Processing

Once started, the tool will begin the process of converting your users and roles to Pyramid 2018. Since the conversion is only for users and roles, the other tabs in the process logger will be disabled (and appear blue).

The summary buttons and listing log provides you with feedback on progress and status. Clicking each summary button will filter the log to the relevant items.

  • GREEN: successful conversion
  • YELLOW: converted with warnings. Click the plus sign to see any message.
  • RED: Failed conversion. Click the plus sign to see any message.

Once completed, click the DONE button to go back to the start page.

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