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Converter Purge Tool

The purge utility in the converter tool allows the administrator to comfortably delete and PERMANENTLY purge content from the BI Office database repository.

BEWARE: Purging is permanent and cannot be undone. Before using this feature, a database backup is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Purge Usage

Before you can use the utility, you must connect to the BI Office repository.

  1. First, choose the TYPE of content you wish to purge: either from the content library (discover, present, publish content) or from the business logic library (custom members, sets, KPIs etc).
  2. Next, select the items from the library trees shown below. Selections are hierarchical - so selecting a parent node will auto-select all child nodes as well.
  3. Last, click the red "PURGE" button to process your selections.


During the purge process, you will be shown the progress of your selections with a log of the items in the various tabs.


Use the drop down to focus your library trees on all content or on items that have been "soft" deleted in the platform already.

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