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BI Office Conversion Utility

The BI Office to Pyramid 2018 Conversion Utility is a desktop application for administrators to convert BI Office (Version 6.0 or higher) content to the newer Pyramid 2018 platform (version 2018.04.450 or higher)


  1. Download the Conversion Utility application from the BI Office customer portal.
  2. Install the desktop application on a Windows desktop or server. Administrative rights may be required.
  3. Ensure that the machine is on the same network as the BI Office repository and it has connectivity to the Pyramid 2018 instance via its URL.
    • Note: Since BI Office uses Active Directory, the same AD setup needs to be employed in Pyramid 2018 for the converter to operate.
  4. Run the utility from the desktop icon or start menu.


The utility is designed to make a best attempt at converting your BI Office content to Pyramid 2018. If you encounter issues, please submit your problem to Pyramid's support.

When creating a support ticket please:

  • Ensure tickets are tagged to the converter.
  • Include the log files
  • Attach relevant PAXL files of content
  • Provide as much additional info as possible, including screen shots from BI Office

Quick Guide to Operation

  1. First, the operator is asked to connect to the BI Office database repository as well as to the Pyramid 2018 server instance (URL).
  2. Next, the operator is asked to select which functionality they wish to use. (see below)
  3. Last, the utility is launched, where it will start a multi-phase processing cycle to processing the selected items.

Click here to read the Converter Guide.


The converter has 3 tracks:

  • Content Purger (Red): this tool allows administrators to delete and purge existing BI Office content
  • Security Conversion (Purple): This converts selected users and roles from BI Office to Pyramid 2018
  • Content Conversion (Blue): This converts selected content items as well as associated users and roles and custom calculations from BI Office to Pyramid 2018.
    • Note: all data sources of selected items must exist on the target system before the conversion can be run.


An explanation of the current capabilities and limitations of the converter can be found here.

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