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Content Converter

This tool converts BI Office content items to Pyramid 2018. The content items that are currently selectable are folders and Discovery (green) report books.

For any items selected, associated items are converted as well. This includes:

  • Custom members, sets, KPIs and parameters
  • Folders
  • Users and roles attached to any of the above items

Currently, these content items are not converted:

  • Presentations (Red)
  • Publications (Blue)
  • Cell Overlays.

There are also several types of sub-features that will be ignored in the conversion (Click here for the converter capabilities and limits.). These will be highlighted with warnings (See below).


The selection page allows you to select different content folders and books from the private domain (folder per user), group domain and public domain. Use the domain tabs to make the relevant selections.

Selecting a folder, will select all sub-ordinate child objects in the folder.

Selection options:
  • Preserve Report Order: Reports in Pyramid 2018 are listed alphabetically. Checking this option will keep the customized report order of BI Office by appending a sequence number to each report name.
  • Create BI Office Root Folders: all converted content will be added into top-level BI Office folder containers in each domain, If unchecked, content will be added directly into the domain folder structure.
  • Convert Deleted Items: Any items that have been 'soft' deleted in BI Office will be converted in any selections. Otherwise, they are ignored.
  • Convert Items from Previous Session: This will re-import items that have been marked as previously converted. This will overwrite any items on the target system with the latest versions.
  • Destination Tenant: If you are using multiple tenants in Pyramid 2018, you can elect which tenant will be attached to the new security elements (users and roles)
Functional Buttons
  • Import Users from file: This capability is available when the "Private" domain tab is selected. It allows you to auto-select private folders based on a user names found in the uploaded file, The file should be a CSV file with the relevant user names in a single column. The format should be "domain\username"
  • Clear converted history: Click the "Clear History" button to purge the markings from the system. This will not delete content in either platform.

Previously Converted Items

Items that have been previously converted will be marked with a small green tick. If you reselect them, the tool will re-import them into the target system, replacing the current items.

Click the "Clear History" button to purge the markings from the system.

Target List

This is a summary of the items that have been chosen for conversion. Un-check any items to remove them from the conversion process.

Conversion Processing

Once started, the tool will begin the process of converting your content selections to Pyramid 2018. This is completed in phases outlined below.

With the exception of data sources, all steps proceed regardless of whether there are errors, converting any items that can be successfully imported.

Process Steps

Data Sources

Data source compatibility is the first item checked. The converter ensures that all source data sources used in selections can be found in the target system.

If the lists do not match, you will be prompted to:

  • Pause, correct and then recheck the data sources
  • Cancel processing
  • Ignore the missing data sources and any content related to them

Users and Roles

Any users and roles attached to folder, books and business logic formulations are converted over.


Any folders in the source system are recreated in the target system together with their relevant role-based access settings

Custom Calc's - Business Logic

Any custom members, sets, KPIs, variables and parameters used in the selected content is recreated in the target system. Cell Overlays are not supported.


All discover reports contained in selected books are converted over to new Discover reports in Pyramid 2018.

If a report has multiple visuals, a separate report is built for each item.

Book folders are recreated as standard folders in the new content management system, inheriting the same security settings as the original book.

Conversion Feedback

The summary buttons and listing log provides you with feedback on progress and status for each of the elements described above on their respective tabs. Clicking each summary button will filter the log to the relevant items.

  • GREEN: successful conversion
  • YELLOW: converted with warnings. Click the plus sign to see any message.
  • RED: Failed conversion. Click the plus sign to see any message.

Once completed, click the DONE button to go back to the start page.

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