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The Status tab gives administrators a birds-eye view of the entire platform - covering system performance, settings, issues, content and licensing.

System Checks

This stack is run when the administrative console initially loads up and checks that all relevant settings are still correct and operational.This includes:

  • GIS - is the Bing license key and the database still correct and online
  • Domain Users - check if the domain addresses and the domain related accounts and the passwords are still active and correct
  • Data User - check if the data account and the password are still active and correct
  • ProClarity PAS - check if the PAS database settings are still correct
  • System Logging - a warning if this item has been left on
  • Email - a check to ensure the system can connect to your SMTP server. This also includes a manual Email check button.
  • License Renewal - a check to warn administrators when maintenance renewals are due.

Server Checks

This stack is run and auto-refreshed on a regular basis and provides a graphic visualization of the performance of your underlying servers (physical or virtual). Where possible, the counters will reflect memory usage and CPU utilization for a given server. If the server is hosting Pyramid components, it will also reflect the amount of CPU is being utilized by Pyramid applications.

NOTE: In some situations, connectivity to a server is blocked because of security or things like firewall's. In this case, no information will be shown.


In case the server checks are not displaying information, check these items: 

1. "Primary Domain User" is a local admin on the data server.

NOTE: If you want to avoid making a user a local admin, try adding the domain user to the local group called “Performance Monitoring Users” but this may not work.

2. The service “Remote Registry” is running on the data server.

NOTE: If the windows firewall is running/ internal firewall the following ports need to be opened: Add TCP port 139 to the Windows Firewall exceptions list.

3. The service “Remote Procedure Call” is running on the data server.

Content Summaries

The content summary panel is meant to provide an auto-refreshed account of the content currently in the system. The optional panel for the bioWriter will also give administrators a view of items currently in process.


This panel provides a convenient overview of licensing and user counts


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