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Schedule Manager

The schedule manager tab provides administrators with access to existing schedules. From this panel, schedules can be started, stopped, edited and deleted. They can also be used to find running jobs and rendered report output.

For a given selection of schedules, different facts and features are displayed in the grid. These include the start date of the schedule, the type, its related publication ("Book folder path") and name. There are also several actions that can be applied.

Schedule List Filters

The manager will show a filtered list of schedules as follows:

  • Active One-offs: currently live schedules that will run only once (either "run-now" schedules or "delayed" schedules)
  • Inactive One-offs: schedules that have run only once (either "run-now" schedules or "delayed" schedules)
  • Active Recurring: currently live schedules that will repeat or continue to recur in the future
  • Inactive Recurring: recurring schedules that have ended their period of operation
  • Ended: all schedules that are no longer active
  • All schedules: the entire list of existing schedules

Schedule Actions

  • Stop: Any active schedule can be stopped. This will pause its evaluation; any associated jobs and any reports that are waiting to be rendered.
  • Play: Any stopped schedule can be activated again to run. This will re-launch its evaluation; restart associated jobs and any render any reports that are waiting to be rendered.
  • Edit: will allow administrators to edit a schedule and its associated settings.
  • Delete: to remove a schedule. This is a soft delete only.
  • View associated jobs: will move the user to the "Job Executions" tab, filtering the list of jobs to just those associated with the selected schedule.



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