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Rendered Report Manager ("Publications")

The rendered report or "publications" manager tab provides administrators with access to the list of rendered reports. From this panel, existing reports can be viewed, resubmitted for processing and deleted. The manager will also show which reports are currently being rendered and which ones are in queue for rendering.

For a given selection of rendered reports, different facts and features are displayed in the grid. These include the start and end date of the report rendering, its processing status, its distribution status, its parent schedule and job batch ID and the report's title. There are also several actions that can be applied.

Rendered Report List Filters

The publications manager will show a time-filtered list of jobs based on their start date.

Report Status

The report status "lights" show a report in its various stages of rendering. Clicking on the bar light pop-up a report summary with details of each query execution within the underlying report template.

Report Light Status
  • blue - report is in queue waiting to be rendered.
  • yellow - report is currently being rendered.
  • green - report completed successfully.
  • red- report completed unsuccessfully (all queries had errors or nor results).
  • orange - report that completed with some successful and some unsuccessful queries.
Report Email Status
  • white - report will not be emailed out.
  • blue - report is in queue waiting to be emailed.
  • yellow - report is currently being emailed.
  • green - report emailed successfully.
  • red - report emailed unsuccessfully.
Report Summary

This panel provides an overview of the rendering cycle, including duration, start and end dates. It will also capture any major errors that occurred in rendering to the report as a whole. Errors by query are shown in the query panel.


This panel shows the results of rendering each query in the underlying template. It can be used to review and QA any issues with a report's execution. It includes:

  • Status of query processing: green (success), red (error), orange (success but no results)
  • bioXL path for the source report used in the query
  • Number of cells rendered
  • Duration of query execution
  • Link to the final rendered MDX query executed

Report Actions

  • Resubmit : using the resubmit drop down, administrators can re-submit all or part of a job's rendered reports for reprocessing. The choices are:
    • Resubmit all reports in the job
    • Resubmit all error reports in the job
    • Resubmit all reports that have some errors in the job
    • Resubmit all successful reports in the job
  • View associated reports : will move the user to the "Publications" tab, filtering the list of rendered report to just those associated with the selected job.
  • Delete: to remove a job. This is a hard delete, which will remove it, its reports and any associated report output.

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