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Quick Start Wizard

The Quick Start wizard is a tool found on the top right hand corner of the administrative console ("adcon"). It steps through a variety of levels that would otherwise need to be done manually to launch the application into a working mode.

To complete the wizard you will need to provide:

  • Your initial set of professional licenses (the pro client pack).
  • An initial domain account that administrative controls will be delegated to.
  • The details of your first Analysis Services Data source.

Provide these items as you are prompted by the wizard to set up the system. Once completed, you should attempt to login to the main app to check that all the "plumbing" is operational.

The wizard button will be removed from the adcon once the wizard has been completed successfully.

Note: that this is an application layer functional access control. The user must still have data access rights to the SSAS OLAP server, underlying databases and cubes. These are typically set in the Analysis Services instance itself.


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