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Model Metadata Setting Details

The following advanced options are available for models using the metadata settings

Query Caching Parameters

Query caching, enabled in the System Limits panel, is affected by these 2 settings which can be set on a model-by-model basis:

  • Data model has NO dimension/cell security - Query caching can either be "global" across all queries for a given model/cube, or it can be "user-specific". By default, this item is OFF - indicating that queries are assumed to be user specific, which is LESS effective as a caching mechanism. Checking this item will allow the global sharing of query caching by users accessing the same query for a given model/cube.

NOTE: If your cube is secured, but all users who have access can still see all elements in that cube, you can still use global caching. User-specific caching is only relevant if dimension or cell level security is set and used for each user accessing its data.

  • Data model uses Real Time Direct-Query or ROLAP - If the model/cube is designed to use Direct Querying or ROLAP for real-time results, caching cannot be used. Check this option to disable query caching for THIS PARTICULAR data model.

Cell Action Security

  • Ignore Cube Access Security for Cells : this switch turns security access checking OFF for cell based cube actions defined in Analysis Services. The system default is that the security access check is always run before generating the right-click cell action list. Check this switch to turn OFF the security access check for cell-based cube actions on the selected model to make the action list generation much faster in the application. Importantly, when the action is triggered, it will still operate under the user’s security and respond with the secured result set for the user

WARNING: The feature should only be used when ALL users can access ALL cell actions on ALL cells and the list of actions across ALL cells is identical.

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