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Meta Data Library

The metadata library allows administrators to OVERLAY metadata on top of data models for end users. The meta data library relates to multiple areas:

  • Descriptive: item descriptions and sanction flags.
  • Functional: item types to derive application functionality.
  • Security: enable/disable access to data model items inside BI Office as well as controlling certain functional access.

Metadata Options

Model Settings

New descriptions for model, hierarchies, levels or measures - which will override any descriptions set in the model/cube. Sanction flags are ADDED to the meta structure to indicate that the data source is approved by the admin. Indicator flags for certain model settings will drive the way query caching is applied to the specific cube. Further details provided here.


Setting hierarchy and level types will impact the way they operate in Data Discovery. This is currently limited to Geospatial only.


Hierarchy and Measure security provide a mechanism to HIDE or SHOW the element in the application by role.

IMPORTANT: This does NOT block end users from writing custom MDX with these elements.

Functional Security

Locking public custom calculation (business logic) access by role prevents certain users from being able to create public calculations for a given data model.

Allow users to change level types: determine which user type (license) can make changes to the level types in a model.

Metadata Migration

Metadata libraries can be migrated from one data model/cube to another using the migrate button (top right hand corner).

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