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These checkboxes determine what type of logging will take place.

  • System Logging: log system messages and error messages.
  • Transactions Logging: log all query transactions.
  • Audit Logging: log when users enter client or administrative console (audit log).
  • Automated Error Logging to Pyramid: log all errors to the automated Pyramid logging service hosted in the cloud. These logged errors carry no confidential information or data.

IMPORTANT: Leaving system logging on will have a negative impact on performance.

For the following logs, you can determine the number of months to save the log content. You can save the log content 1/3/6/12/18/24 months or you can choose ALL to save them for an unlimited time period.

  • Keep System Logs for These Days
  • Keep Transaction Logs for These Days
  • Keep Audit Logs for These Days


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