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Content Overview

Administrators can manage content through the Admin Console via:

  • Reporting Content - Book Folders, Report Books, Business Logic, Assets and Themes - and their related security.
  • Publications - schedules, jobs and rendered reports produced from the bioWriter publication engine.

NOTE: Administrators CANNOT directly edit reports themselves or other book contents from the admin console. To edit these structures, an administrator should open the book up normally in the application and edit its contents like any other user.


The Content Tab provides administrators with a drag-and-drop interface for changing the "Content Tree" in the application; for renaming books and folders; and, for deleting books and folders. New content cannot be created via this interface. The Content tab also provides an interface for editing the access controls on books and folders - by allowing administrators the ability to edit the roles and users assigned to a given book or book folder and changing its read/write flag settings.

The same functionality exists for managing the Business Logic (custom calculations, members and sets), Assets and Themes.


The Publication tab provides administrators with a console to add/edit/delete running schedules in the publication engine; any associated jobs and the rendered report output from these jobs.



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