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Allows administrators to configure the collaboration tools to best suit the organization.

General Settings

Social Network - Defines the social network which will be serve as the base to define/delete/manage collaboration users. For example, the network can be BI Office Internal, Yammer, Jive or Chatter.

Social Network Name - The administrator determines here the instance name of the network. The instance name can be different than the name used in Yammer, Jive or Chatter.

Look Back Period (days) - Defines the time framework (in days) that the collaboration tool uses to search for content. For example, entering 10 would cause the collaboration tool to search for content in 10-day bunches. (days 1-10, 11-20, 12-30, etc.)

Max Page Loading Time (seconds) - Sets a timeout in seconds for loading content into the Collaboration tool. This ensures that the Collaboration tool will not delay overall response time within BI Office. A short timeout (such as 10 seconds) means a quicker overall response - but some of the collaboration content may be missed. A longer timeout (such as 30 seconds) means slower overall response time, with greater certainty that all collaboration content will be displayed. A very long response time (such as 300 seconds) ensures that all collaboration content will be display.

Refresh Time Interval (seconds) - Determines how often the collaboration content is refreshed. For example, if Bob and Suzy are swapping messages regarding a particular grid cell or graphic, a quick refresh rate (say 10 seconds) ensures that they will be working in tandem (with a higher processing overhead). A longer refresh rate (say 300 seconds) means a 5 minute lull in their collaboration time (but a much lower processing overhead).

Cursor Page Size - Determines the number of collaboration items to be processed in a single bunch. For example, entering a page size of 50 ensures that up to 50 collaboration items are retrieved in one database search (no more). After the first 50 are processed, another 50 will be processed, and so on.

Collaboration Resources Manager

The resource manager parameters relate to the external resource, such as a Yammer server. These parameters can be used to ensure that communications with the resource do not demand too much processing power from BI Office.

Resources Process Active - Check this box to activate resource processing.

Resources Retrieval Time Interval (seconds) - Determines timeout (in seconds) for retrieving content from an external resource (such as a Yammer server). A short timeout protects the BI Office user from long waits, but the collaboration content might be limited. A long timeout ensures that all collaboration is retrieved, but may cause a slowdown to BI Office response time.

Master Collaboration User - If you select an external network (such as Yammer), you need to specify the user name for interfacing with Yammer. If you select the "BI Office Internal" network, this parameter is not needed.

Services General Settings

These parameters determine how to interface with an external server (such as Yammer server).

  • Base URL
  • API Version

Login Settings

These parameters determine how to interface with an external server (such as Yammer server).

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • OAuth2 Web Server Authentication






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