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The following action parameters may be enabled:

  • Enable Actions with Multi-Select Slicer Elements - Check this option to enable cube action commands when the BI Office user chooses multiple elements within a multi-select slicer.
  • Ignore Custom Measures in DrillThrough and Rowsets - Check this option to enable cube action commands when custom measures are in use by the query. (When the option is OFF, the use of custom measures prevents access to cube actions.)
  • Enable Global RowSet Limit - Specify a global Rowset limit. The limit entered here by the administrator will govern the max limit that any individual user may specify.
  • Keep Actions for These Days - Specify the number of months that Custom API Actions will be saved in the content database. You may choose 1/3/6/12/18/24 months. Or you may choose ALL for a permanent save with no time limit.

Details on cell action security options are available here.


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