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With Publications, the user can create an "analytic narrative" – storytelling through analysis, computations and facts.


The user can create a document template with styling and assets of choice in a MS Word-like interface. The drag-and-drop functionality to insert analytics into the document, compounded with the ability to add logical functions to the dynamic text formulations, including basic numerical functions (e.g., sum, minimum, maximum), statistical functions and advanced conditional functions (e.g., date–time, formatting functions) produces highly intelligent, and highly dynamic content.

Once the publication is built, users schedule the publication to be automatically launched, rendered and delivered for selected times, locations and recipients.

The workflow is portrayed in the following graphic.

To start the process, users need to start a template using the Publication Designer.

To open the designer, go to the Start page, click on the blue "New Publication" button. Select a theme-based template to start with. Details for this process can be found here.

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