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Publication Ribbons

Publication's functions and options are contained in the Publication Ribbon – a combination menu and toolbar framework designed to make the application's core functions readily accessible to end users.

Quick Menu

(navy highlight)

The menu of the ribbon includes: (from left to right):

  • Publication icon represents the interface in use.
  • Quick Save Button – provides you with a shortcut to the saving functionality found in the backstage. For new content, it acts as the "Save As" function.
  • General Help Button – provides you with direct access to the Help Guide for Publication topics.
  • Show/Hide Arrow - provides you with the functionality to show or hide the Ribbon
  • Backward/Forward – these buttons are similar to the undo and redo buttons in Word. They are designed to allow the user to go backwards or forwards in actions.
  • Quick Access Icon – a manual way for you to show or hide functions from the main ribbon.

Status Bar

(red highlight)

This is where the title of the currently opened publication is displayed.

Main Ribbon

(green highlight)

The main toolbar Ribbon has several tabs:

  • HOME TAB – contains functions to set fonts and styles, Slicer Manager, and preview the publication.
  • INSERT TAB– contains functionalities to add new hash tags and dynamic text as well as general word processing functions
  • DESIGN TAB – contains functions for selecting and manipulating the type, format and theme of the publication.
  • REVIEW TAB – contains functions to add, delete and move between comments.
  • COMPONENTS TAB – this tab appears optionally depending on the currently selected content. It contains functions to alter the component outline as well as the elements within.

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