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Publication Report Summary

Accessing the Report Summary

  • When you click on the “Status” category in the Publication Listing, you will get a pop-up window with the Report Summary.
  • In the Print Preview dialog, clicking on the button that says “Summary” will also show the report summary.


The Report Summary has two main tabs:


(see image above)

Process Duration – you can view the time it took for the publication to be run.

Process Start Time – this is when the execution of the publication began.

Process End Time – this is when the execution of the publication ended.

Process Error – you can view the description of any errors.


You can view information about all the queries that were involved in the publication. This is helpful for resolving performance issues and MDX query errors.

NOTE: The filter icon (as outlined in yellow) is present in many of these options to provide you the ability to filter the categories to easily view the desired items.

Status – the color of the light will indicate the status of each query item in the template.

Color Status
Blue Unprocessed

Successful execution

Yellow In process


Partially successful execution

Execution errors or empty results on all queries

Report Path – view the Data Discovery source of the query.

Cells – this is the size of the query. You can view how many data cells there were in the resulting query.

Duration – view how long the publication took to run per query.

Query Text – access a link to the MDX that was run for the query.

Query Count – (at the bottom of the window) view the amount of queries that were executed in the publication.

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