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Dynamic Text Examples

The following examples will use this grid query:

To read Australian sales as a raw numerical value


To read German Profit as a formatted string value


To multiple Canadian sales by Canadian margin

Data(1,0) * Data(1,4)

To sum the sales column


To get the average profit across all countries


To read the label "France"


To find the row with the highest value in column 3


To find the country label with the highest net profit

Label(1,LookupMaxRow(2) ,0)

To read German sales as a raw numerical value


To format German profit as currency with no decimals

Format("C0", Data(3,1) )

To find the value of sales for the last item in the grid


If Australian net margin is higher than Canadian net margin, write 'good', otherwise 'bad'

Iff(Data(0,3) > Data(1,3) ,"good","bad")

To write out which country has the highest profit and the amount of profit, formatted with in currency with no decimals

"The country with the highest profit of " + Format("C0", Data(LookupMaxRow(1),1)) + " is " + Label(1,LookupMaxRow(1) ,0)









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