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Publication: Design Tab

The Design tab allows you to easily format the page and choose themes for the publication and integrated analytics.

Margins: You can adjust the margins for the whole document or a selection: normal, narrow, moderate, wide, or create custom margins.

Right to Left Components: You can switch the direction of the report components.

Themes: You can reselect the theme of the publication, including colors, layout and text.

Override Components: You can change the design theme for the whole publication, including the existing reporting components.

Ruler: You can view the ruler of the document.

Status Bar: You can view the zoom options and page status at the bottom of the screen.

Component Outlines: This button is used to demarcate the various report components in the template during design time. When the component is live, the outline is pink; when the component is locked, the outline is gray.

NOTE: The outline does not appear in the final publication.

Lock Background: You can lock elements in the background so that you can easily access the text and reporting components “floating” on top.

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