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Alert Listing

There are two listings available: Alert Job Listing and Alert Listing. The Job Listing displays the list of "jobs executions" of a scheduled alert while the Alerts Listing displays the generated alerts.

Accessing the Alerts Listing

Through the backstage in the main client interface, you can find the Alerts Listing:

From the Open page click on the alert and then the “Alerts” tab (outlined in red).

  • In the Alerts Job Listing (Executions) tab, you can click on “View Output”.

Managing the Alerts Listing

There is a quick menu on the right-hand side (outlined in green):

Refresh icon – will refresh all the data in case of additions or modifications to the Alerts Listing.

Rerun icon – You can click on the arrow to access the re-run drop-down menu. You can choose to:

  • Rerun that entire execution which are all the alerts.
  • Rerun alerts with errors.
  • Alerts that were partially successful.
  • Alerts that succeeded.

Delete icon - you can delete the scheduled alert.

Help icon – this will take you to the Help Guide.

The main section of the listing provides a drop-down menu that allows you to select a specific execution.

Status – the light will indicate the status of the scheduled item. When you click on it, the Alert Report Summary will be displayed.

Color Status
Blue Unprocessed

Successful execution

Yellow In process


Partially successful execution

Execution errors or empty results on all queries

Email – the light will indicate that the email distribution was successful.

Actions – there are two action to choose from: re-run or delete.

Select – you can select an alert among others.

Tile – this is the title of the alert with the icon from the trigger you created.

Job ID – this is the unique name of the execution.

Start Date – this is when the execution of the alert began.

End Date – this is when the execution of the alert ended.

NOTE: The filter icon (as outlined in orange) is present in many of these options to provide you the ability to filter the categories to easily view the desired items.

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