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Manage Forecasting Models

Access Management Commands

To manage your custom forecasting models:

Forecasting Model List

For each model in the list, the following management commands are available.


Attaches this forecasting model to your query AND reruns the query


Loads the forecasting model into the wizard, where you can make changes and then resave the model with the same name or a different name.


Deletes the forecasting model.


Opens the Manage Versions dialog (described below).

Clear Current Forecast

Detaches the current forecasting model from the query, and reruns the query without forecasting. This command does NOT delete the forecasting model, it simply detaches the model from the query.

Multiple Versions with Same Name

If you save a forecasting model multiple times with the same name, the resulting versions can be managed in this dialog.

  • The current version (first in list) may be edited.
  • The other versions may be edited or deleted.


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