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Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

The R engine in BI Office enables managers and end users to perform powerful data mining operations from within the Data Discovery application. The built-in wizards allow you to get quick results, even if you have no background in R Scripting, data mining or statistics. Three user-friendly wizards are available:

  • Forecasting - Allows you to project future values in a time series, such as corporate sales over the next four quarters.
  • Clustering - Allows you to group data items into several clusters and display those clusters graphically (for example, in a scatter chart).
  • Predictions - Allows you to create a predictive model that operates as a black box algorithm. A predictive model trains on an input item X and learns how to predict X values according to various input items (A/B/C/etc.).

NOTE: R Script configuration options are accessible within the administrative console.

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