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Story Board Ribbons

Story Board functions and options are contained within the Story Board "Ribbon" - a combination menu and toolbar framework designed to make the application's core functions readily accessible to end users.

Quick Menu (blue)

The quick menu of the ribbon includes several key functions:

  • Quick Save Button - this button provides a shortcut to the save functionality found in the backstage. For new content, it acts as the "Save As" function.
  • Run Dashboard Button - this button provides a shortcut to launching the dashboard into 'runtime' mode.
  • Story Board Help Button - provides direct access to the main Story Board help topics.
  • Show/Hide Ribbon button - provides a manual way to show or hide the main ribbon interface.
Status Bar (red)

A status bar is provided for highlighting the title of the currently opened dashboard.

Main Ribbon (green)

The main toolbar ribbon has several tabs (click the names for more details on each ribbon tab):

  • Home tab - contains key functions for the most used features including adding new slides; adding global elements; importing assets; banner design; and functions for runtime settings and workspace setup.
  • Slide tab- contains functions for formatting the slide design including layout; theme styles; and panel formatting.
  • Interactions tab - contains functions for creating, editing and managing interactions within the slide; and functions for creating global slicers.
  • Text Tab - contains functions for editing imported static and dynamic text elements

When designing banners for the running dashboard, the Banner Tab is visible. It contains functions for editing and formatting the banner interface for story boards.

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