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Banner Tab

The Banner tab provides end users with the key functions to select and format a banner design for their interactive story boards.

Tab Buttons

Banner Design
  • Close Banner View - this will return the user to the main story board designer interface.
  • Use Default Banner - this will reset the banner to use the standard default settings
  • Banner style options - choices for the banner tab design. The split button (bottom half) gives the secondary option when slide sections are used.
    • Full Screen - provides a modern full screen dashboard with no visible tabs. Instead, users can click through the slide array using the arrows on the bottom left and right hand sides of the screen.
    • Horizontal tabs - provides a classic dashboard with tabs going across the top of the screen to choose between slides
    • Strip - provides a dashboard with a thin menu strip going across the top of the screen to choose between slides
    • Fisheye menu - provides a more modern technique for picking between slides with a graphical "cover flow" type interface for picking between slides
    • Drop Down menu - provides a simplistic drop down box for users to choose between slides.
Banner Formatting
  • Themes - applies a certain theme style to the banners of the entire story board.
  • Color palettes - background color, font (tab text) color, tab color settings for the banner design. These override the theme styles.
  • Banner height - decrease/increase



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