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Slide Background and Formatting

Each slide in a story board can be independently formatted to reflect the specifics of the dashboard design. The main conduit for formatting the slide is through the themes and slide background settings on the slide ribbon tab. Separately, slide panels can be applied to a slide which can provide further formatting opportunities for changing the way a slide appears.

NOTE: When content is added from Data Discovery books, they retain their own format settings by default until they are overridden.

Slide Themes

Predefined slide themes can be applied to a given slide. Slide themes are defined by administrators in the administrative console application. Slide themes, unlike the report themes available in Data Discovery, can include either background colors, color gradients or images. These choices are also available to end users through the manual background changes described below.


Slide themes will NOT override the settings of each report component added to a slide - these are left as they were designed in the Data Discovery application by default. If the user clicks the Override Styles button before applying a theme, then the theme's settings will override the original Data Discovery settings.

Slide Background Settings

Slide background settings can be adjusted by end users directly in the designer interface from the slide ribbon tab. To set a simple FLAT color background or change the slide's master font color, users can click on the color pickers in the slide tab. For more advanced changes users can click on the "Background" button.

The slide settings options dialog lets users change the background:

  • Flat - Pick a color from the color palette associated with the current theme color set and make the slide's background a singular color tone.
  • Gradient - Use the advanced gradient designer to come up with a complex pattern of colors to make the slide's background one or more colors.
  • Image - Use the image loader to upload a vector or raster images as the background for the panel.



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